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2hrs tinnitus sound Hair Dryer Sound calm a fussy baby

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24 hours sound Hair Dryer::

2hr ringing in the ears audio Hair Clothes dryer Audio
hair clothes dryer to soothe a fussy infant
White Sound full hd 1080
So relaxing!!
2 opre suono rilassante
I actually like the tune of this hair clothes dryer, filmed in HD.

( better high quality compared to YouTube sound).
suono del fono rilassante.

Fabio Mazzilli November 17, 2013 4:49:07

Ma secondo voi perché siamo attratti da questo suono? Dico davvero… Non

    Daikol Amico November 6, 2015 1:00:26

    +Milleaccendini grazie a te e alla purezza dei suoni che tu proponi x noi
    io riesco ad addormentarmi ogni sera … hai ragione tu.. riesco x così
    dire a staccare la spina dai pensieri che x ora tormentano le mie
    giornate.. grazie e buon lavoro !!!

    Francesco Di Franco November 13, 2015 17:25:52

    +agiz risposta migliore nn c ė….. ė lo stesso ragionamento che mi facevo

    Ayden Price March 1, 2016 3:06:26

    +Fabio Mazzilli With Tinnitus Control you can experience homeopathic relief
    from the symptoms caused by tinnitus.

pietro aligi Schiavi March 7, 2014 13:34:26

Come musicista e come rumorista ti faccio i miei complimenti. Proponi altri
video, bravo, sei pre3feribile a certi festivals musicali. Lo
sperimentalismo al potere. Hai mai pensato di fare spettacoli nei teatri???
Proponi le tue performances anche alle gallerie d’arte contemporanea.
Grazie, buon lavoro!!!!!!!!!

    Betül Kurnaz July 24, 2015 21:13:08

    Wahnsinn hat er langweile oder was

    Toni Eroglu September 8, 2015 4:57:05

    +Betül Kurnaz 😂😂😂😂😂

    giuseppe zorza October 3, 2015 22:31:32

    +pietro aligi Schiavi

    LA BESTIA DEL TUBO April 1, 2016 12:52:57

    +Milleaccendini allora non sono l’ unico che si rilassa grazie al phone

    Mabusesato April 27, 2016 5:06:41

    +Betül Kurnaz es ist toll. nie probiert?

Riccardo Loi July 7, 2015 23:26:59

I feel cold while watching this video.

    1boW GrAND (IBO) November 21, 2015 22:55:01

    same bra

    pera Peric April 22, 2016 1:41:59

    +Riccardo Loi (KaleidonKep99) Yes,we are all sick in the head,i know.

Laurence Kavanagh August 31, 2015 22:34:12

why does this noise relax me so much? I love it.

    Reneman1000 November 23, 2015 21:47:35

    +Mr. C wherr U read it ?

    Mr. C November 24, 2015 16:29:49

    +Reneman1000 idk i heard that somewhere a long time ago idk if it’s true
    but i think it is

    Conor McCallum June 1, 2016 1:48:12

    +Mr. C if you like this noise you have what is called white noise syndrome

Tom Ripley October 8, 2015 7:26:46

At least it won’t take long for him to dry his hair

Stefan Müller November 19, 2015 13:41:28

Wenn der Meister föhnt schwingt das Universum in vollkommener Harmonie…

    Zerox 2015 December 17, 2015 22:30:29

    XD der war gut der Spruch

    Michel Zöller July 12, 2016 5:30:14

    hahah wie geil der is top

    Zerox 2015 July 12, 2016 12:39:24

    Das stimmt

Michael Seacy December 9, 2015 19:38:54

Too may loud ads. About every 10 to 15 minutes Just as you are relaxing an
ad comes on to disturb you – not worth it.

    Evangeline February 6, 2016 16:11:26

    +Michael Seacy

    giovanna di maria May 23, 2016 13:21:15


Oğuzhan Sai December 26, 2015 21:28:28

I like this guy and his videos :)

    Janetta Thompson January 25, 2016 8:00:44

    I Agree!

    Relaxing Noises February 8, 2016 20:39:09

    +Janetta Thompson ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ O’RLY?

    Kervin Edwards II February 18, 2016 23:20:53

    +Janetta Thompson I Agree With U Too I Like This Guy And His Videos as Well.

BlackAdder719 January 21, 2016 19:52:30

Ma questo è stato due ore così?????

    ehiiosonoio June 27, 2016 21:54:22

    come no

Lien Noope January 21, 2016 23:30:14

Warning: Don’t do this at home for 2 hours. As you can see you will end up
totally bald.

    Egle Pupkute May 17, 2016 20:13:31


    1Fom July 28, 2016 18:09:20


John Shadowwalker January 24, 2016 0:17:11

I find this so pleasing but its so funny watching a bald guy with a hair

Alaa Mohamadieh April 24, 2016 6:02:20

It’s so stupid to advertise in the middle of such a video

kubakakauko May 12, 2016 21:41:13


Drey Skot June 8, 2016 14:16:09

Well, I kinda thought I was the only person that liked these kind of
noises, and it was a real revelation when I came across these videos on
YouTube with a bunch of other people like me saying they like them, too.

    Egle Pupkute July 28, 2016 18:42:29


RelaxingSounds June 25, 2016 17:24:00

He really spent two hours trying to dry his lack of hair? :D

The Ad From M July 3, 2016 21:29:51

I just noticed that bricks are waving.. His hair dryer has power :)

    James Collins July 11, 2016 1:31:59

    Might be a bedsheet or a cheoma key or something.

Michel Zöller July 12, 2016 22:40:20

The master and his fight.

Ramiro Yacyna July 24, 2016 7:08:51

is funny because he is bald…

JayKDizzler July 28, 2016 2:45:56

The focus and concentration in his eyes..

This is a man at one with his hairdryer.

Layla John August 1, 2016 22:40:22

i wanna be calm a fussy baby 😂😂

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