Acupressure and Migraines

Acupressure is a totally non-invasive treatment alternative that has a high success rate among migraineurs (individuals who struggle with migraine headaches).
It has a proven performance history as an effective pain abatement strategy. Acupressure is likewise efficacious in lowering both the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks.

In Conventional Chinese Medication, there are over 800 vital force points in the human body. These points lie along meridians that run throughout a person’s body. Chi, or life energy, flows along the meridians and through the energy points in healthy individuals. Chi that is blocked or overabundant near particular energy points causes disease and discomfort.
Acupressure massage uses pressure to these energy points in order to launch chi and stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms. The energy points are massaged with the fingers, thumb, or occasional blunt things with medium pressure in a circular pattern.
The most basic acupressure a migraineur can discover is an all-over head massage. This method simply needs the specialist to massage the scalp as though they were cleaning their hair. Sit with the elbows resting on a table to avoid arm pressure and the head resting lightly in the hands to carry out head and neck acupressure.

Moderate pressure applied to the GB20 points offers the best relief for migraine pain. They are on either side of the neck, approximately one inch to each side of the spine simply listed below where the skull and neck muscles link. GB20 also goes by the more romantic-sounding Chinese name “The Gates of Consciousness”.

Migraineurs looking for to eliminate their headache and neck discomfort need to practice deep breathing while using the thumbs of both hands to press firmly on the GB20 points for one to two minutes. If this is painful in the beginning, house professionals can start by pressing and launching the points in five to fifteen 2nd periods.

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