Allergy’s Favorite Symptoms

Allergy’s Favorite Manifestations

If allergic reactions had a top 10 list of their favorite

symptoms what would be on it? Would they choose life

threatening or just actually bothersome?

The most common symptoms, that might or may not be on

their favorites list:

Breathing problems.
This one needs to be fun for an allergy. It truly gets
the individuals attention. Nothing like the absence of oxygen

to focus a person’s attention on the allergy.

Burning, watery or itchy eyes.

This sign falls under the truly frustrating classification.

It might cause extra issues if you can’t see

where you’re going.

Red, swollen eyes, likewise called Conjunctivitis.

Definitely irritating, however many people can handle this



This one gets old real quick. And a constant cough quickly ends up being agonizing.


This one may start out in the irritating classification, but
left untreated could change to the life threatening

section very quickly.

Depending on the intensity of the headache, this one

may be bearable

Hives. This sign is not just frustrating and uncomfortable
(potentially uncomfortable) it draws the interest of strangers

on the street. Itchy nose, mouth, throat or skin.

Another in the classification of truly bothersome. An itch
that can’t be relieved is one of the most frustrating
things there is.

Runny nose. Yeah, this one could trigger problems with other individuals.
Nobody prefers to hear someone continuously sniffing or
blowing their nose. Makes individuals question what bacteria
you’re spreading out around.

Skin rashes.

Perhaps unsightly to look at, but tolerable.

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