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Body Tremors Movement Disorder

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Dr. Stack Demonstrates the results also the extraction of a tooth can trigger because of TMJ manipulation. The girl's signs set in quickly complying with a molar extraction

enigmatically April 21, 2009 21:05:47

🙁 that really sucks for her. Doesn’t make me feel any better about going
to the dentist. time for a malpractice lawsuit

Mike Wiegenstein April 23, 2009 16:02:38

I don’t think it makes any of us more confident about going to the
dentist… Sad part is that 90& of all dentist have done little or no study
on this part of the body…yet they directly effect it everyday. There is
no excuse today to not educate yourself BEFORE choosing the professional
you are going to let work on you. It is also the foremost reason for our
effort to educate everyone about the severity of the issue.

sneinton34 May 2, 2009 18:25:34

thank god she cured but why did it happen was it a tooth tuken out

Mike Wiegenstein May 3, 2009 0:50:16

Unfortunately you are correct. I have interviewed over 500 people with
symptoms similiar to hers.. and the majority have had their symptoms begin
shortly after either having teeth pulled or crowns/bridges placed.
Unfortunately most Dentist as well as Doctors have no idea and little or no
training in regards to effects the Temporomandibular joint can have on the
body. It is not taught in school for some reason and with all the
medical/dental professional has to focus on..this gets overlooked

KILLAMANJARO3 May 28, 2009 1:51:59

please get me in touch with this gal. i have exactly what she does for 26
years, minus the eye problems.. can someone help me? i have tried
everything except brain surgery and neurofeedback. tell her she is NOT
alone! my head shakes mpostly… and i get bad tremor at times that hit
other areas of my body. thank you!

klub1uk August 2, 2009 20:45:21

Does the lady have to wear the inhibitor all the time to stop her tremors?
I can’t believe that something as normal as a tooth extraction could cause
so much pain and discomfort. Makes my fear of dentists very warranted! I
hope this lady has managed to get her life back on track and is suing the
dentist who did this to her in the first place!

Mike Wiegenstein August 2, 2009 21:42:50

She will wear the interoral appliance until they find the correct position
for the jaw to eliminate the symptoms… then she will probably have her
teeth moved to that position with orthodontics so she no lomger has to wear
the appliance and she has a lifelong solution… but many people choose to
wear the appliance

unknown b March 2, 2010 21:57:38


Mike Wiegenstein April 2, 2010 15:54:58

@enigmatically I feel for her also, but a lawsuit?… was the dentist
trying to hurt her or was he just following what has been taught in Dental
schools in this country for years… part of the problem with our health
system is the rush to judgment … this type of thing happens daily, just
most people don’t ever find someone who can help them, just pill
prescribers.. The University of Tennessee is looking at incorporating this
treatment in their Dental School Studies… let’s all hope…

enigmatically April 3, 2010 1:46:20

@MedicalNewsShow well if I went to the dentist and ended up with permanent
shakes I’d certainly sue. I’ve never heard of this sort of thing happening
so my immediate reaction would be to blame the dentist for doing a botched

Mike Wiegenstein April 9, 2010 19:43:23

@SEXYJERK1 First, I would need to know where in the world you are located.
if you are in the U.S. all of the doctors on the ITSMN website follow Dr.
Stacks philosophy’s and therapiy procedures. All have great success, but as
in any situation, some a little more than others. On the West coast there
is a great pratitioner, Dr. Leonard Feld, in the Midwest Dr. Roy Jolley in
Little Rock is incredible as is Dr. Dawn Slabach in Columbus Ohio… and
Dr. Stack is on the East Coast.

Mike Wiegenstein April 9, 2010 19:44:28

@azrirus123 Your comment made me laugh… it was exactly her comment when
Dr. Stack relieved the symptoms for her almost immediately…

SlowNMlow March 27, 2011 5:02:24

reality for some people seems unreal and equally unfair at the same time. 1
choice in your life that you are completely unaware of is just waiting to
rob you of your life.

MEOW MEOW 147 October 24, 2011 12:43:47

This is because the mandible is out of place. Which effects the nerves in
the cervical spine thus causing the tremours and pain.

kk ff June 1, 2012 6:29:46

Hello does anyone knows where I can find Dr Stacks?email?contact?I

Mike Wiegenstein June 2, 2012 20:32:02

You can contact Dr. Stack through his website…. TMJSTACK dot com or as
listed below 8306 Old Courthouse Rd # A Vienna, VA (703) 821-1103

Texas903G April 10, 2016 0:32:55

poor lady

[…] Dr. Stack Demonstrates the results also the extraction of a tooth can trigger because of TMJ manipulation. The girl's signs set in quickly complying with a molar extraction […]

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