Caffeine: the culprit behind our migraines

Caffeine: the offender behind our migraines

Agnes, a 39 year old married woman have come to see a physician and grumbled about repeating headaches and migraines. A thorough examination exposed that there wasn’t any apparent cause and her medical professional thinks Agnes headaches are more of psychological in origin. On further investigation, Agnes told her medical professional that she was taking a lot of painkillers and that she chooses more powerful tablets. She explains her headache as like a hammer pounding her head over and over again.

She blames her headaches from the tension and stress and anxiety she was obtaining from house caring for her four very children. However still it had not been really enough need to have migraine headaches and there is no indication of any childhood problems that can trigger this. The doctor recommended her to relax on the painkillers that may have some “rebound effect.”

Mr. Cooper on the other hand, had a history of migraines since he was a teenager. At 42, he was still taking medications as he was sensitive to the light and sound.

Migraine headache can be defined as a type of primary headache that some people get it consistently over time. It is closely connected with disorders of the gastrointestinal system, the liver, and the vision. It generally takes place when a person is under mental stress. Profiling people who usually get migraines reveals that a person who is likely sensitive, systematic, smart and a perfectionist are more vulnerable to headaches. It is generally when they remain in really demanding situations or so overworked.

Not so many people know about it but caffeine is likewise an offender in triggering migraine attacks. Americans are understood for huging time coffee drinkers. Every inch of the city in the United States is filled with coffee bar sprouting in the city. If you believe you are among the heavy coffee addicts and are experiencing migraines afterwards, then you must minimize your caffeine consumption.

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lStress is the number one source of tension headaches and can set off a migraine. It can cause the muscles in the neck and go to tense up, therefore, constricting blood circulation to the brain.
lCertain foods like cheese, chocolates, sardines and dried meats. And fruits like pineapples, raspberries and avocados.
lSmoke or exposure to smoke

lSkipping meals lAllergic response

lAlcohol Another indication that you will be having a migraine is when you experience what is appears like “aura”like visions or like seeing stars or zigzag lines.

MIGRAINE SOLUTIONS Your physician can diagnose you appropriately and will take detailed history to make sure your headaches does not pertain to sinus swelling or a more major one like brain tumor. At times, a CT scan is useful and EEG might likewise be required.

If taking drugs is not to your preference, another alternative is “Feverfew” which is a popular herb particularly for migraines. Research studies show that herbs are good for dealing with migraines. You can also consider consuming great deals of orange juice or water therapy as water is an excellent cleansing system and includes vigor.

A hot bath will go a long way in eliminating migraine headaches and so does strolling in a really peaceful environment with fresh cool air. There is no specific treatment for migraine headaches but you can prevent them from happening.

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