Chinese Casket Manufacturers

Chinese Coffin Manufacturers

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Chinese casket makers are now producing a high quality casket, equal to or exceeding the quality of any US casket producer. Unlike more fully grown Chinese production markets, Chinese casket producers do not have oversight and quality control. This can make importing caskets from China really risky. All it takes is one bad order and you might be out $30,000.

With the help of a quality assurance and threat management agent, you can prevent the headache and disappointment of a disappointment with Chinese casket makers.

Perhaps the best way to be sure that you are getting a quality product is to travel to China by yourself to the casket producer and examine your order prior to it is delivered. By doing this you can have the coffin maker remedy any errors before the coffins are shipped. Once your Chinese caskets arrive in the United States, it’s too late. It will be virtually impossible to work out any refund or item replacement.

Regrettably, most casket wholesalers or sellers do not have the time or the funds to travel to China each month or quarter to check their caskets. This is a substantial expenditure and a huge wild-goose chase and effort.

There are, however, coffin quality control and threat management sourcing representatives. Such representatives will inspect your caskets for you onsite at the Chinese casket manufacturer and make them remedy any quality problems prior to the coffins set sail for the United States. A sourcing representative ought to live near the Chinese coffin makers, usually in Shanghai, so it is simple for them to take a trip back and forth from the factories when needed.

Chinese coffin manufacturer sourcing agents are independent experts that represent the buyer here in the United States, not the factory. However, since they remove the customer care concern from the factory, the majority of Chinese casket manufacturers do not see them as a problem. In addition, Chinese casket manufacturers actually know hardly any about the information of quality when it comes to caskets, so they value a professional coffin inspector to assist them increase the quality of their item.

The majority of Chinese casket sourcing agents charge a small charge, normally less than the cost of a big salami plane ticket to China to check out a Chinese coffin maker on your own. In addition, the best sourcing agents will also arrange global door-to-door shipping for you and work out product replacement should a quality concern be neglected.

It is not advised that you import coffins by yourself from Chinese casket producers. It might work out one or two times, however you are bound to obtain a bad batch of caskets sooner or later. And when they are here in the states it is virtually impossible to do anything about it. Chinese casket manufacturers have no quality control management of their own. If you import coffins from China by yourself, there will not be anyone ensuring the quality of your coffins, at all.

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