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Chiropractic and ART for TMJ (Temporomandibular Jo

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Dr. Jason Skolar, Chiropractic doctor as well as accredited Active Launch Techniques (ART) Company shows just how TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) could be efficiently dealt with utilizing specialized chiroprac

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Jason Skolar May 24, 2015 5:55:45

I appreciate all the comments made following my demonstrative video of a
very effective technique that I use to treat TMJ disorders. In fact, this
technique yields excellent results in a very short period of time. Those
of you who comment on “how painful this must be” really don’t understand
the importance of restoring normal joint biomechanical function in any TMJ
disorder/dysfunction. Treatment is not excruciatingly painful unless you
dislocated your jaw. In fact, patients experience immediate results when
this technique is performed by a certified Active Release Techniques
provider or a chiropractor with advanced training in treating these
disorders. If in doubt, talk to the experts instead of making derogatory
comments. I welcome all positive feedback. If it’s not positive and you
have the urge to be make disrespectful comments, please visit another site.
Thank you, Dr. Jason Skolar, DC

    J JJ June 23, 2015 21:49:05

    +Jason Skolar Does anyone practice this in the UK?

    Natalie McLeod January 5, 2016 2:44:23

    +Jason Skolar some people are so uneducated! this was a great informative
    video! keep up the great work Dr. Skolar!

    Jason Skolar January 7, 2016 2:52:29

    Thank you Natalie for your positive feedback. I always do my best to help
    educate the public regarding the benefits of advanced manual therapy to
    help people rediscover the true meaning of optimal health & wellness. It is
    unfortunate when misinformed people leave derogatory and disrespectful
    comments based upon lack of information, lack of education, and blatant
    ignorance. It is also unfortunate that these people focus their energy on
    negativity, disillusion, and prefer to remain ignorant instead of seeking
    wisdom and knowledge from people who are true experts in their respective
    fields. I appreciate your acknowledgement and thank you for sharing your
    thoughts with me.

    Jason Skolar February 15, 2016 2:04:36

    +Alvie Bennett Thank you for your positive feedback! I’m so glad that
    you’re feeling much better. This techique is so therapeutically beneficial
    that I use it everyday at the clinic and help so many people who have been
    suffering from TMJ dysfunction. If there are other topics you would like me
    to discuss in another video, please let me know. I’m always here to help!

salival7 November 1, 2015 17:40:12

What tmj conditions can this technique be used to treat ?

Yuri Holt January 22, 2016 2:28:37

Does Tmj cause swollen lymph nodes around the jaw and throat area?

Carina Oliveira January 24, 2016 19:33:15

very indepth and gives me hope that chiropractic treatment can really help
even gave me some exercises for me to navigate through myself! Thank you,

    Jason Skolar January 26, 2016 4:24:58

    Hi Carina, thank you for your positive feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed the
    video and found it useful. If there are any other videos or subjects you
    would like for me to discuss, please let me know.

Rahul saamra March 14, 2016 11:44:12

Hi.. i am 27 years of age.. I’m having TMJ & ear pressure issues.. ENTs
said my
Eustachian tube is normal, no doctors are able to diagnose the root
cause.. Muscle relaxants helps me in short term, when I chew my ear
pressure raises, my stress level is also high… my dislocated jaw creates
pressure in my ear and i can feel that which causes hearing loss too ….
would be Meniere’s disease, which is characterized by an increase of
fluid in the ear thereby causing progressive hearing loss… also a
clicking sound comes on opening and closing of jaw… can it be cured
completely? can i hear again? because it is there since i was a kid…i am
very tensed and wanted cure… please advice…

Fawzat Trabilsy March 17, 2016 19:26:01

Hello Dr. Skolar,
I have been diagnosed with TMJD about 2 months ago on 1/25/2016. I was
diagnosed with ETD a couple of weeks before that thinking it’s from a
previous cold (which I did not have). I went to 3 General MD’s, Two ENT’s,
and one PA. All of them did not help. I finally went to a “TMJ Specialist”
and I was so relieved that I would find some help. He referred me to a
Physical Therapist and I was feeling better but still had sensitivity to
hearing, extreme muffled hearing and tinnitus. After a month, I went back
to school thinking it will all be over soon. I stopped listening to music,
eating any hard food/chewing anything really, avoided loud places, cut down
on talking, stop working out/playing sports, etc. He made me a custom
splint for $3000, because he did not accept insurances. Then 02/18, I got a
cold and my left ear (worse ear) was completely closed and that increased
my anxiety. All my symptoms got worse. Hearing, ringing, anxiety, etc. I do
not know what to do. I had my hearing checked, it was perfect, so they
assumed its pressure. Then they checked my outer ear pressure, nothing. No
fluid at all in the ear. TMJ Specialist and PT said its ETD caused by TMJD.
I have not had any relief for the past 2+ months. The TMJD specialist is
now confused and saying I have 3 options: botox, pay another $2000 for a
night time piece to stop my grinding (which is the cause of everything), or
anxiety medication. I have no idea what to do. I will be trying hot yoga
this week. Please let me know what you think.

Aemilia Conan March 21, 2016 16:10:24

You can not only cure TMJ and bruxism without drugs or typical TMJ
treatments, but save plenty of money making use of the 100 % natural
treatment method rather than traditional ones.

    Aemilia Conan March 21, 2016 16:12:34

    +Aemilia Conan In fact, many TMD victims who use this treatment have
    succeeded to eliminate TMJ disorder and teeth grinding within 12 hours, so
    can you, learn more here:

tom healey April 27, 2016 21:12:34


    Jason Skolar April 28, 2016 5:13:04

    +tom healey Thank you for the positive feedback!

Jessica Gonzalez May 1, 2016 18:00:21

Hey Dr.J! i have Tmj and recently had to go to a new chiropractor because
mine was unavailable. he used some kind of instrument that had kind of
delivered repeated jabs to adjust it. I feel worst now then I did before!
before it was only my left side now both. He also insuated my Dr. doing
adjustments to my jaw manually was to rough or barbaric. Honestly, manual
adjustments never left me feeling worst than when I came in. What is your
opinion of using this mechanism to adjust jaws???

Brett Schall May 27, 2016 9:58:46

Why don’t other MD’s have YouTube videos to show people their “techniques”
are real? Strange.

    Jason Skolar May 28, 2016 3:06:52

    MD’s use a pharmacological approach when treating problems in the human
    body. They don’t use manual therapeutic procedures, so they can’t include a
    video unless they want to illustrate a surgical procedure.

Truther June 10, 2016 5:26:37

My jaw has been locked for over a year. I can’t open more than 2 fingers
wide. Mouth guard isn’t helping. My left side just got worse and the joints
hurts so bad and the pain goes up to my ear. I can’t lay on either side of
my face because it’s so uncomfortable. Idk what to do. It’s horrible.

    Jason Skolar June 13, 2016 4:30:33

    You need to get your jaw treated as soon as possible. There are many
    questions and considerations, such as your age, the chronicity of your
    problem, the severity of your problem, your overall health status, your
    nutritional health status, and to what extent and which structures are
    injured. If you are in Montreal, Quebec, come to the clinic as soon as
    possible and it will be my pleasure to help you. Otherwise, you are going
    to have to find a doctor who specializes in TMJ dysfunction who can help

    Truther June 13, 2016 4:48:23

    +Jason Skolar I’m 26, my jaws been locking for over 10 years, but I would
    just pop it back. But now it’s locked 24/7 and I can’t pop it back.
    I’m in CA, I’m looking for a specialist here, hopefully somebody can help.

Juan Salinas June 28, 2016 7:02:58

question for the patient… how did you felt after having this treatment?
Details please……. Thanks

Love Jadine Lastreid June 30, 2016 17:59:52

Hi im from the philippines Dr.Jason i have in my jaw hit it in the sofa in
1999 it will not return to his former position .. until now I still the
same when I open my mouth with a sound like the crack he and I bitterly
cold what should I do

Jacob Deme July 6, 2016 1:27:20

Thank you for your wonderful demonstration Dr. Skolar. How I wish I was in
your area to come and get my jaw pain fixed caused by a traumatic punch on
my face. I tried the ER at the hospital and they did nothing but measured
me and prescribe pain medications. I will be going to my chiropractor in
Chicago and will show your techniques, perhaps the chiropractor already
treats similarly. I feel there is hope for me after having been totally
discouraged by my visit to the ER.

Jason Skolar July 6, 2016 13:31:08

Thank you for reaching out to me Jacob!
I’m sorry to hear about your jaw pain as a result of a punch in the face.
How unfortunate. If you are ever in the Montreal region, please let me know
and it will be my pleasure to help you! If the chiropractor in Chicago has
any questions regarding my demonstrative video, have him/her call me. Have
a great day!

    futbolero10 July 13, 2016 15:06:53

    Hello Dr Skolar,

    I have had a closed jaw for the past 3 days .I feel desperate cannot talk
    without wearing a mouth guard …can TMJ be caused by a buildup of calcium
    in joints or bones? My general Doctor diagnosed me with hyperparathyroidism
    which is an excess of calcium in the body and can a chiropractor help me
    with this condition,thank you.

laurence green July 9, 2016 21:38:11

Hey Dr.J! i have Tmj #helpful

exiBlaze July 10, 2016 22:02:54

Hi there, I have been having pain that feels like a toothache, but have
been to the dentist and have been told there’s nothing wrong with my
teeth.. Could this be TMJ disorder? Please reply, thank you!

    Jason Skolar July 11, 2016 2:17:18

    TMJ pain can always refer into various parts of the face, head, neck and
    jaw. We need to first determine where your “toothache” type of pain is
    located (quadrant 1, 2, 3, 4). We then need to assess for cavities or other
    dental issues. If your dentist has assured you that your toothache is not a
    dental related problem, then it can be coming from other anatomical
    structures. To answer your question, it is very possible that the pain can
    be TMJ related. I would personally need to examine you thoroughly before
    solidifying my diagnosis.

    exiBlaze July 11, 2016 3:31:58

    +Jason Skolar The pain (throbbing) is located in the lower right molar
    region, no where else. Pain radiates along the jaw and close to the ear. I
    must mention that I suddenly have teeth sensitivity in that area as well..
    My dentist has done x-rays and said that I have no infections, cavities,
    etc. Also the pain is more intense at night time when laying down trying to
    sleep. Been getting through with pain medication, but really want it to get
    better. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again

    Jason Skolar July 12, 2016 1:43:06

    Even though your dentist has confirmed that your pain is not related to a
    dental problem, there can be an underlying nerve problem that innervates
    the lower molars, such as the inferior alveolar nerve. This is a branch
    from the 3rd division of the trigeminal nerve (5th cranial nerve). To
    simplify all of this, when there is trauma to the trigeminal nerve, this
    can produce referred pain into the anatomical regions surrounding the eyes,
    the upper jaw, as well as into the surrounding teeth innervated by this
    nerve. We have to assess for trigeminal nerve trauma and treat the
    surrounding tissues of the TMJ and facial region. I know this is
    complicated, however, it sounds like you have referred pain along the
    inferior alveolar nerve.

Franky Saldana August 15, 2016 15:32:49

his/her face for some reason pisses me off (the patient)

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