Common Migraine Food Triggers

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Common Migraine Food Activates

Nobody knows for sure what causes migraine headaches. The most likely to address to-date is that a severe of little irritations or reactions pile up till, lastly, a migraine headache is activated. Migraine triggers are different for each person, however many migraineurs claim that a specific food or combination of foods will push them over the edge into a headache.

Remember that most science disagrees with migraineurs when it comes to food triggers. There are no definitive studies suggesting a link between specific foods and migraine headaches, so all info is anecdotal. The thing exists is a lot, lots in truth, of anecdotal evidence for the link.

While a migraine trigger food can be, quite literally, anything, some foods show up on the trigger list for sufficient individuals to benefit discussion.

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Cheese is a major trigger for many migraineurs. Particularly likely to cause an attack are hard or aged cheeses. Soft cheeses like cream cheese and new cheeses seem to be great and not likely to cause issues.

Processed Meats
Nitrates are thought by lots of to be a significant migraine trigger. For many people, the most common source of nitrates is processed meat, items like hotdogs, sausage, bacon, processed lunchmeats, etc.

Dressings Salad dressings are a trigger for numerous. The factor is not known, however is probably tied to a combination of other triggers all coming together in one place.

Spices and Additives
Any spice can be a trigger. Spices as triggers might be tied, at least partly, to scent level of sensitivity, since many spices have a pungent smell. Seasonings that appear to provide migraineurs the most difficulty consist of monosodium glutamate (MSG), typical in Asian foods, artificial sweeteners, food dyes, and vinegar.

Migraineurs who think a food trigger should think about attempting a removal diet to determine the trigger food(s).

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