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Dr. Golding On TMJ – Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Syndrome

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Dr. James R. Golding of Somerset Chiropractic & Acupuncture in Somerville, NJ presents his most recent enhancement to his Organic Medical care Option collection – In this video Dr. Golding goes over the causes, signs and symptoms and then treatments for TMJ.

Cynthia Beaumont October 24, 2012 1:08:56

Thank you for making this!

alejandra vega January 11, 2013 8:57:35

thank you thank you . . right side of my face is hurting alot my ears and
back of my ears too i think i have TMJ now i understand

Aimze Becky January 23, 2013 21:29:42

I’ve been in pain for many yrs with the left side of my jaw, ear & I
constantly have migraines. I had a car accident when I was at primary
school causing whiplash. That could be the cause right? I’m now 21. I’ve
been to my doctors a few times with my jaw & headaches. All they said about
my jaw was “loads of people have clicking jaws”, and didn’t give me
anything. All they said about my migraines was “take paracetamols” I’ve
been in agony for yrs because my doctors haven’t done anything.

Ellie Jenson February 21, 2013 16:43:09

ive had this for about half a year, and i visited the doctors and they told
me i have TMJ

triman650 February 23, 2013 0:21:32

Very informative…I have constant facial, head, neck, and ear pain
especially on the right side and loud tinnitus in my right ear. I am a VA
patient so am limited to whom I can go to. My life is miserable and has
been for many months…can’t sleep, or concentrate. I need to some
specialist as I have had several different opinions from different VA
doctors…I hate it when they say it is all stress related. Need to see a
TMJ Specialist!

Alison Howard April 18, 2013 20:12:04

really hopeful video, thank you – really easy to understand the reasons for
TMJ and also some good options for non invasive treatment to release the

Ano Nymous June 9, 2013 20:23:59

Thank u for this video!

Megan Thwaites June 12, 2013 19:11:53

Thanks so much. for the first time i actually understand exactly what’s
happening when my jaw locks !

Andrew Willoughby July 25, 2013 20:42:17

Jaw joint problems cannot be remediated in just a few days. Calling it “TMJ
Joint” is like saying “TemporoMandibular Joint Joint” which is redundant.
Clicking and popping is due to anterior disk displacement with reduction –
a serious condition which can progress to a closed lock and degenerative
joint disease. There are 4 major muscles of mastication NOT 3. U can’t
determine muscle hypertonicity without sEMG readings. Treating disk
displacement with night guards is NOT recommended.

shymmea delosreyes July 27, 2013 14:35:49

i need to have a check up to treat my tmj

Muse California August 13, 2013 23:54:25

Thank you I learned a lot from this video.

hamad1979 August 18, 2013 22:18:16

where r u located? please help .. I need a visit n check up

iwbu78 November 9, 2013 21:22:37

does this procedure make a gap between my bottom lip and the front gumline.
my jaw is recessed and the sensation of touching i get from this contact
point is quite annoying.

Gabriela Kwabek March 19, 2014 14:36:50

Thank you soooo much! I’m walking around with this pain for 3 years now and
I got diagnosed today with TMJ/TMD. This is a hugely helpful video which
explains everything better than anybody could so far and makes me feel less
crazy as well. Explaining more than one causes and going into it a little
deeper is really helping. I was wondering though, as one treatment could be
acupuncture, with also using pressure points in the hand and foot, does it
work the other way as well? It’s my whole right side that is extremely
painful, through my ear, neck, shoulder into my elbow and wrist and also
down to my hip, knee and ankle.. Could this also be caused by TMJ? I’m
thinking maybe because I’m walking around with this for years it might
‘expand’ or something? Thanks a bunch Doctor Golding!

J.D. Bliss March 20, 2014 19:27:39

Excellent thank you!

Connie Meyer-Schultz April 12, 2014 22:28:20

Can you recommend a Dr in Indiana for TMJ? preferably around South Bend

Georgia Starr September 11, 2014 9:10:33

You can get rid of tmj permanently in less than 1-2 months in a natural way

david kirubakaran October 11, 2014 8:16:04

amazing presentation by Doctor. James, I really appreciate this!!!

Kate Collier March 18, 2016 9:28:49

You can get rid of TMJ within 2 months naturally, without having to use any
conventional treatment solution which often accompanies with medication and
hostile intervention.

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