Getting Rid of Chronic Headaches

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It was 2 weeks earlier when I initially experienced having this really unpleasant headache which lasted for practically half an hour. I believed it was all due to the fact that I did not have sleep the night before and I was already stressed with work. I chose to take a pain medication that time and was relieved right away after an hour. I believed that was the last of it. After two days, I began having that unpleasant headache once again so I continued taking pain reliever. I told my superior that I had to go home early that day so I can have adequate sleep and prevent having those headaches once again. To my surprise, however, the headaches keep coming despite my renewed habit of having enough time for sleeping. I believed it was all due to the fact that of the high level of stress I usually experience at the office makinged me decide to take that much deserved one week leave.

Sadly, the headaches just would not go away. It was then that I got alarmed by my situation and I right away went to the medical facility for a check-up. The very first thing that my doctor asked me was to relate to him the circumstance when I first saw having the headaches, then to describe the nature or characteristics of my headaches itself. So I told him about my job, how I typically did not have sleep, and how the heightened stressfulness in the office need to have set off the pain. I likewise told him that the headaches simply keep coming, specifically throughout midday, the strong and extended discomfort which I feel at the front and back parts of my head. After some more questioning, he sent me to go through some laboratory tests as well as to have my head scanned for a possible tumor, possibly. However, after the results came out that same day, my physician explained to me that my persistent headaches might be exactly what are often referred to as stress headaches. Inning accordance with him, the causes of tension headaches are not really understood, however some recent studies indicate that this condition has something to do with inappropriate posture and the tension in the neck and shoulder muscles. In the end, I was encouraged to correct my posture and change a few of my positional habits at home and in the workplace. The physician likewise recommended that a massage session will do me some great. Lastly, I was prescribed a muscle-relaxant called Butalbital.

Essentially, I was forbidden from slumping over. I always need to make sure that my posture is right when seated and while standing. I would rather be more conscious of constantly having a proper posture. It was something easier for me to do, though I often forget, than to frequently be troubled by chronic headaches. I particularly liked the part of being “recommended” to have a massage. Lastly, now I have a legitimate need to do something I have wanted to do for so long but get postponed regularly. Getting a massage refers life and death for me now, though that would certainly be a bit overemphasizing. I have actually always wanted to stop by the latest health spa center throughout our workplace. The massage is certainly the very best prescription I have gotten without a doubt, that is aside from the Butalbital that has mainly added to alleviating the pain instantly.

This experience had somehow become a wake-up call for me. I recognized that I had been taking my health for given. It was just after I had suffered the effects that I discovered how fragile my health is. Fortunately, it was not too late for me to alter.

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