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Hair Dryer Sound 8 Hours -Sleep Fast Insomnia Relief Relaxation Rest Tinnitus ASMR White Noise

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JessBisme123 March 5, 2013 5:06:38

yaaaarrrrg. that’s the worst sound ever. lol. I’m going back to the nature

Marine052191 March 27, 2013 2:35:47

Ahhh! No more ringing! No more! Beautiful Sleeeeeeep!!!

Dglester Hardunkichud April 16, 2013 23:40:41

8 hours later the woman was like yay! i look like mr clean!!!!!!!!!

PiaruBellu May 12, 2013 21:35:37

I have to recover a lot of sleep…hope this help

Mobius 119 May 16, 2013 22:16:11

Great sound so calm… Thanks!

Kimble May 17, 2013 15:16:41

I have ringing in my ears but also a feeling of pressure in them. Does
anyone know if there would be any pressure in the ears if it was caused by
a loud noise? Anyone who got tinnitus from a loud noise, please tell me!

Lucid TV May 27, 2013 2:37:37

It’s also missing the smell… I hear ya… this is a pale substitute..

AuroraBorealis July 31, 2013 23:52:57

I loooove the sound of a hairdryer. I used to sleep with one, my dad did
too. I used to have a real problem falling asleep without white noise.

VulgarBasher August 4, 2013 5:38:15

I love you.

Lucid TV August 5, 2013 16:50:42

I love you 🙂

auré S November 24, 2013 17:48:43

Perfect !!

Elain Liu January 17, 2014 2:05:41


DanPlayPl May 4, 2014 11:37:12


Neil Young June 3, 2014 19:54:23

Keep up the good work! One suggestion, for Vacuum cleaner noise, it would
be great if you could record this when someone is actually using it for
real, it makes different noises as it’s moving around the carpet, this
would be the best yet if you could do this?? 

Robin Kumar August 23, 2014 10:56:48

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(search on google)? Ive heard some great things about it and my close
friend Aubrey after a lifetime of fighting said good bye to the
uncontrollable tinnitus problem with it. 

Amara Akhtar March 2, 2015 20:50:29

This gives me goosebumps all over. But also helps me to concentrate while
studying and also relax before bed

Thank you for making this

nandanaable April 20, 2015 6:28:45

Hi! Have you tried – Remingtenn Miracle Tinnitus Cure (google it)? Ive
heard some interesting things about it and my buddy got great results with

Lu Ellen King July 15, 2015 2:55:31
simon tv strapko January 23, 2016 16:44:21

ti kokos:D

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