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Her 60 minute TMJ CURE!

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Enjoy as a person travels 600 miles from Houston, Texas to see Dr. Nick Yiannios of Rogers, Arkansas to address her "TMJ" issues. An accurate and objective occlusal modification treatment referred to as Disclusion Time Reduction therapy was made use of to significantly eliminate her hitting, popping, and headache symptoms. Additionally, her tooth hypersensitivity was removed, as delicate teeth are often a symptom of muscle TMD problems. See as the rationale as well as procedure behind DTR is explained by Dr. Nick in her 60 minute solitary see therapy. To read more do several of the following:

go to:
phone call: 417.334.2131 or 479.876.8000

Dr; Yiannios is a General Dental expert, and the American Dental Association does not identify a specialty in "TMJ", and also because of this, there is no specific training called for to do or market such companies.

=>>> Click here to learn more about Sandra Carter’s TMJ No More!

drnickdds December 15, 2014 19:03:14

DTR is highly efficacious for muscular TMD sympotmatology in a patient with
an objectively documented set of TMJ’s (per JVA, EMG, 3D imaging [CBCT/MRI
prn], TScan). Understanding the anatomy and physiology behind the TM
complex and the myriad intricacies is also paramount for successful DTR
therapy implementation. Intrapulpal polymodal A-beta fibers (not A-deltas
or C fibers), torsional flexure of the dentition, uni vs omni directional
afferent proprioceptive input to the CNS and the efferent response from the
CNS down to the masticatory muscles; all of this needs to be understood
before properly undertaking DTR FACIALLIS.

    Sezk Ddes February 16, 2015 19:32:43

    +FACIALLIS Clinca Cirurgica Odontologica I have medical files about 500
    pages deep, i spent 12 years in the hospital. Im not amazed if people cant
    help me anymore, i recovered from a sickness called ”riding spine
    syndrome” most people wont survive that. For my bruxism i got my wisdom
    teeth removed, i did yoga, i saw a orofacial myofunctional therapist. My
    dentist gave me a splint for at night. Botox didnt work. My diet has
    everything in it. I work out enough, i do everything to remain at my best.
    I found a few specialists in my country who are gnathology-dentists, i
    didnt knew they existed and nobody ever told me, do u think they can help

    Chandra Shekar July 9, 2015 18:49:21

    +drnickdds Appreciate Video clip! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would
    appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you considered – Franaar Painless
    Smile Formula (do a google search)? It is a good one of a kind product for
    curing the TMJ disorder without the normal expense. Ive heard some
    unbelievable things about it and my friend Sam got great results with it.

    Sakhawat Khan July 10, 2015 7:41:38

    where is your location

    Fabian Mackay November 11, 2015 7:34:37

    *Banish Your TMJ Related Symptoms Such As: Headaches, Ear Pain, Teeth
    Grinding and Locked Jaw and stop The Constant Pain and Pressure In your
    Mouth, Chin and Jaw Area and Keep Them Away Forever*. Go to ==>

Wilbur Jenkins April 29, 2015 0:55:31

What is the operation exactly? Do they cut you?

    Wilbur Jenkins April 29, 2015 3:46:59

    +drnickdds I watched a couple of them. There aren’t really any detailed
    descriptions. You say what you’re trying to do but you don’t say how you
    actually do it. I was wondering if it’s surgical or some other method.

drnickdds July 11, 2015 2:03:22

To learn more do one or more of the following:

call: 417.334.2131 or 479.876.8000

We are now located in Rogers, Arkansas

Dr; Yiannios is a General Dentist, and the American Dental Association does
not recognize a specialty in “TMJ”, and as such, there is no specialized
training required to perform or advertise such services.

    Kathy Ravel October 17, 2015 3:06:55

    I got the cure to what was happening with me. What caused my jaw to lock
    was biting down on hard candies. I bit on the right side of my mouth which
    caused inflammation on the left side of the mouth. There is a cushion that
    has fluid in it that allows the joint to move back into place was so
    inflamed that the fluid was gone. The oral surgeon just gave me an
    injection of an anti inflammatory into the joint and my jaw is now moving
    again, no issues.

    Stella Johnson March 25, 2016 23:54:02

    +drnickdds Is there anyone in Europe who gives such a precise and
    throughout checkup/ treatment? Or is this a therapy/cure? I’ve never had
    any trouble with my jaw, don’t know what that “popping” sound is etc., –
    neither do I want to, – but 2 days ago I woke up and couldn’t open my jaw
    properly. What is this?? Anyone knows where to find a DR. like this here in
    Europe? x

BMAN4667 December 5, 2015 14:27:03

This gives me so much hope!!!

King Of Kayfabe January 21, 2016 5:17:14

the girl is absolutely gorgeous

rfn944 February 19, 2016 14:40:54

Living in the USA causes this problem. Very stressful due to dysfunctional
government, medical system and corporate greed.

    kwakkers68 May 15, 2016 0:18:43

    +rfn944 That’s an interesting point. Here in the UK our own particular
    brand of politicians are working to dismantle the state owned health
    system, in the quest of profit – loathsome creatures, it’s one of the few
    things this country got right…….

mrgetrealpeople March 18, 2016 5:58:35

Compare her eyes at :49 vs :15:04

J Conn April 6, 2016 19:22:12

i hate when my jaw pops haha especially in public people are like what the
hell was that?! good ol’ tmj.

    Mark Saucedo May 1, 2016 3:51:49

    +J Conn Same here

J Conn April 6, 2016 19:26:33

do you wear nightguards for this or bruxism?

Andrew Gonzalez April 9, 2016 2:53:39

will she have to continue getting this treatment throughout her life or is
it a one time treatment? I am 22 years old from Houston Tx and have had
tinnitus and loss of hearing in my left ear since I was 18. I have always
thought I had TMJ but dentists and ENT doctors said otherwise. I believe I
do have it, my left shoulder is constantly arched toward sky, left ear pops
many times throughout day, neck and shoulder pain, Jaw clicking and
shifting when I open mouth, muscle spasms and also soreness in my cheek and
temporalis muscle.

PassionateCore April 18, 2016 20:35:04

what is the treatment exactly cause I didn’t get it. is it a kind of
injecting some fluids or chemicals into the jaw or what exactly ??

    Cassandra Chike May 21, 2016 0:27:24

    +PassionateCore It is called a full occlusal adjustment. He measures the
    biting force around the patients entire upper and lower arch. They will
    adjust accordingly by either removing tooth structure or adding filling
    material. There is no surgery involved. When your teeth do not come
    together properly it strains the masseter thus resulting in an overactive
    jaw muscle that causes all sorts of pain in the joints, neck, and shoulders.

    PassionateCore May 21, 2016 0:38:52

    +Cassandra Chike Thanks dear for the clarification 😊

Octa 25 April 29, 2016 21:56:39

TMJ is a pain like no other been dealing with it for over 4 years now.
praying that i get relief soon

Isabella Ferreira May 9, 2016 16:36:37

omg I need this ); how amazing ♡

Maisie Noble May 18, 2016 8:20:36

Hi Nick

Do you know of anyone who is doing what you do in the UK?


Nibin Nelson May 26, 2016 16:59:27

i have same prob..

nikki townes June 4, 2016 2:22:02

does this relax masseter muscles n do they do this on ri

Nancy Linares June 8, 2016 1:57:01

Botox at the Masseter Muscle help with TMJ?

    key hi June 24, 2016 17:58:00

    I have heard of cases where it helped … BUT I personally did it and it
    had absolutely NO benefit for me 🙁

Fikhri Amin June 20, 2016 4:49:36

Is blowjob could led to TMJ. I’m jst curious

Jake Mcfee August 10, 2016 7:00:31

amazing!!!, this is the kind of doctor i would trust!

iEatZombies_ August 10, 2016 12:41:46

This looks expensive. How much do you cost?

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