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How Do You Treat Others?

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How Do You Deal with Others?

Pass me the Paracetamol
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When others are mad with you, liking to you, vital of you, and so on, do you treat them the very same? We have the tendency to treat others, other than those in a position of authority or power over us, the very same way they treat us.
Let’s say you enter a restaurant expecting excellent service and a delicious meal. The waiter or waitress is snarly and literally throws the food on the table. You ask for a glass of water to choose the meal and they act as though you had actually requested for something impossible.
Our first response is to be unkind in return and also choose that they will not get a suggestion. Is this the best response in this or in any scenario?
Perhaps they have simply been informed an enjoyed one is seriously ill and in a health center, or they haven’t the cash to pay their rent and are facing expulsion from their home, or they have an extreme headache.
This list might go on constantly.
The issue we deal with is that we have no chance of knowing what the other person is going through at that point in their life. Even the finest people are in some cases so overwhelmed by scenarios they act rashly. And who is to say we wouldn’t act the same method in comparable circumstances?
The next time you begin to deal with another as severely as they have treated you, attempt to put yourself into their scenarios. We can never put ourselves into the exact position of another, however it will assist us to be more understanding.
By always doing our finest to treat others as we would want to be treated, we make things much better for ourselves and others with whom we are available in contact.

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