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How To Ethically Use A “Swipe File” For Your Ad Copy

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The best ways to Morally Use A “Swipe File” For Your Ad Copy

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Did you ever want you could pay for to employ among those expert copy authors who charge $5000 or more to compose a basic sales letter?
Or even worse, have you laid down your hard-earned money for a self-proclaimed “professional” author, and returned something your 3rd grader could have written?

If you invest many hours looking at a blank page attempting to come up with compelling advertisement copy for that “killer” sales letter (you know, the one that’s going to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams?)… STOP!

Why own yourself nuts and offer yourself a major headache attempting to train yourself to be an expert copy writer over night? Do what the masters do … begin a “swipe file.”

That’s an unfortunate name, swipe file. It sounds unethical. Please understand, I am NOT excusing plagiarism! But every so-called “internet marketing guru” honestly admits to having a swipe file that they utilize when they need a little motivation.

So exactly what is a swipe file and how do you utilize it legally and ethically?

Basically, whenever you discover an ad or sales letter that makes you want to run and grab your wallet … stop and print out that copy first! Emphasize or circle the parts of the ad that have you delighted and excited to make a purchase. Then put it away in a folder or note pad. This is your swipe file.

Ultimately, you’ll accumulate quite a stack of great professional quality advertisements. Then, when you’re looking at that blank page attempting to compose your next advertising campaign or sales letter, you can scan your swipe file and DESIGN your ad copy after a few of those ads … however DO NOT copy them word for word. Replace your own words and put your very own stamp on them. Mix and match various methods from various advertisements.

Keep in mind, this is suggested to be inspiring, not criminal. NEVER out and out copy these advertisements. Simply examine how the advertisement is structured, what KINDS OF words are used, and then produce your very own DISTINCT sales copy by emulating the successful advertising methods from your swipe file.

The idea is to study copy composing strategies as you go. Eventually, you’ll discover you won’t need to describe your swipe file as typically. Your blank pages will not remain blank for long since you’ll have discovered how to write killer ad copy of your very own! You learn best by doing it. Then it becomes force of habit.

Who understands? Perhaps you’ll get so good at composing sales copy that soon other individuals will be adding YOUR work to THEIR swipe files!

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