How to shoot good digital video with your camcorder

Ways to shoot excellent digital video with your camcorder

Let me tell you from experience how crucial it is to know the best ways to shoot excellent digital video with your camcorder before going on that holiday or recording that big event. When I was marrying my sibling provided to movie the happy day for me with her new camcorder, I concurred as it would conserve loan on the wedding as a videographer might get quite expensive.
Let me tell you how wrong I was, the digital video was dark, shaky and blurred anytime she entered into zoom or moved the space. The sound was off and stifled and it was more of a headache to enjoy rather than a happiness. In a nutshell, I want I invested loan on a good digital video shooting.
I don’t want people to make the same error that I did so to get the word out on my learning experience I want to hand down some excellent suggestions on the best ways to shoot good digital video with your Minidv camcorder.
Suggestion # 1 – Do not record while walking or moving about as the digital camcorder can not stay focused on a moving things. Choose a location to stand and begin by tape-recording a starting point for a couple of seconds prior to moving onto the next things. Slowly and carefully pan the camcorder to the next point of focus and hold there for a couple of more seconds prior to you stop shooting.
Pointer # 2 – Avoid excessive zooming of things, not only does it eliminate the camcorder battery faster, it can give the audiences a crazy headache. If there were a minute you ‘d like to catch up close, stall and take your time while zooming and shooting video, also aim to avoid any fast motions, as the image will blur.
Idea # 3 – Ensure that the lighting around you is brilliant enough and do not point the camcorder lens directly dealing with sunlight, not just can this harm the camera lens, it will also blacken the images producing an undesirable motion picture. If you plan to be inside, I recommend you purchase a camcorder light accessory that can quickly be put onto the video camera and switched on if needed.
Idea # 4 – Last but not least, my favorite camcorder device without a doubt needs to be a Tripod. You can purchase a cheap little mini table tripod for simple videos or you can invest in a bigger stand up tripod for longer shooting of video. By using a tripod when recording, you can be assured that your images will not be unsteady nor will the movie look amateur.

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