I Have a Headache!

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Really. Not a great big skull-splitting headache. Just among those little low-pressure guys. And I know why. It’s due to the fact that I have actually been thinking too much. I actually need to try to cut back on that.
In fact, my headache is not the result of just believing– it’s due more to what I’ve been thinking of. I can typically choose months and months and months without any noticeable twinge of intracranial pain. No problems at all. Well unless I decide to chance it and view more than one truth program in a week. Then I’ll observe a little distress. However apart from that, life readies and the old gray matter simply keeps cruising along in the smiley mode.
However today is various. Here’s exactly what took place. I chose to do a bit of research on healthy living to consist of diets (not always to drop weight) and supplements. In the course of doing this, I naturally encountered a stack of info associated to what foods to avoid and what other foods or supplements could potentially avoid physiological breakdowns. A huge pile of information. An enormous stack of details! A super-mega-humungo stack of info! (Are you beginning to obtain a clue as to why I have a headache? )
In an attempt to turn all this into a positive, advantageous experience, I have to pass along exactly what I’ve discovered. So here it is.
I’ve found out that:
Everybody– that’s EVERYONE– has an opinion about what works and what doesn’t. About what’s good and exactly what’s bad for you.
There are as many folks who disagree with other folks opinions as those who concur.
The phrase “research studies have actually shown” can be translated to “the research studies that I concur with have actually revealed”. Let’s attempt this … studies have actually revealed that there are probably way a lot of studies.
We are believing completely too much about the possible effects of odd stuff like d-chromo-anti-lycoperene beta 4 and how it binds to the interceptural neural hair roots to develop left ear moles. Or something like that.
There are more dietary supplements which are ensured to be “ultimate solutions” to all of our health problems than there are galaxies.
For only $79.95 we can all receive the “secret” to a long, pleased, healthy life.
They eat guinea pigs in Peru. (I do not remember how I stumbled onto that one …)
Passing gas in the bath tub is not bad for your health. (Actually, I didn’t discover that a person. I just intuitively understood it. )
There is something either in tropical ocean waters or equatorial jungles that will resolve your issue.
Veggies and fruits are good for you. Whole-grained foods, too. Duh …
As I did my research, I thought about growing up in the Midwest. I considered all the seniors I understood that lived long (like up into the 80’s and 90’s) healthy lives. Shucks, they didn’t understand about all these fantastic dietary discoveries we’ve made in the last 50 or so years. They clearly didn’t have a clue that their health could have been improved drastically by taking among the countless supplements that we have offered to us today.
Instead, these old farm folks simply consumed what they had– including great deals of red meat, oily fried potatoes and eggs, butter, lard, and a gob of other “unhealthy stuff”– and worked their buns off to make a living.
The conclusion appears to be pretty basic, does not it? Farm food (“natural food”? )– no matter what it is– is most likely very good for you. So is tough, physically requiring work. Rather of stressing so much about what triggers or remedies what, maybe we need to simply focus mainly on consuming a great, balanced diet of wholesome “farm-type” foods and get an entire lot of exercise. An excellent vitamin supplement probably wouldn’t harm either. Who understands– it may even assist prevent headaches …

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