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Intra-Oral NeuroMuscular Therapy for TMJ demonstrated by Stew Wild

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Stew Wild, of 360 Neuromuscular Therapy, goes to the Oakworks facility demonstrating Intra-Oral neuromuscular therapy for TMJ. He is making use of the Oakworks ProLuxe ™ Exchangeable Massage Table.

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Bio Wormion December 27, 2012 23:02:19

What is this and how can I get involved?

Chris A March 10, 2013 16:20:26

Looks like I just taught my wife how to deep throat

Ellen Foster April 7, 2013 23:39:47


Jennifer B July 11, 2013 21:51:46

Thanks for the demonstration now I just wish I could just slide the finger
back there and be able to open my mouth I would do this more often. But as
I’m healing up from my root canal it’ll get better to open in time.
Applying moist heat & cold wash rag in between working on the outside on my
face meanwhile. At times, I’m able to do this though. I’ve been needing TMJ
surgery prior to the root canal but insurance won’t cover it so far. Thanks
for making the video!! 🙂

jenny roca December 28, 2013 9:39:46

thank you

Manuela Mihaela May 20, 2014 6:05:44

It is not hygienic at all your presentation…you put your fingers on that
plastic skull and then inside that woman”s mouth…..all the bacteria….

Curtis Brookover September 18, 2014 3:30:42

Yes you can massage, who does not like a massage. The airway is the issue-
bruxism, clenching, snoring. Make a mandibular advancement appliance and
see if the symptoms are resolved. Opening up the airway at night will
resolve the pain most of the time. If not, realize the skeletal base
position of the maxilla and mandible is still the issue. This is a whole
different treatment protocol. Many many issues can affect any person to
experience pain. Find a great dentist with this info. 

Aaliyah Holmes October 16, 2014 4:30:32

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cure TMJ 

    Aaliyah Holmes October 16, 2014 4:30:37

    Then it’ll transform whatever you think you knew about your TMJ for a
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Joleen Galloway March 13, 2015 18:23:24

My mouth waters when I do this therapy. Can someone tell me why? I have
severe TMJ so I am in a lot of pain in my mouth area but in all my research
online can’t find why this happens.

    CryoKeen May 9, 2016 13:07:12

    +Joleen Galloway me too! i am not a doctor but i would guess it’s because
    your stimulating some of your salivary glands. you have 2 on the upper part
    of your gums iirc

Caprice Schaffer February 18, 2016 15:48:54

Thank you! This is very helpful!

Craig Martin March 3, 2016 8:13:16

Is that Mick Jagger’s brother?

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