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Migraine, headache, SUNCT, TMJ disorder resolved Part 2 of 2

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If you are struggling with extreme frustrations, migraine headache various other signs that are disabing you, don't easily accept confusing diagnoses from neurologists as the last word. If a dental doctor claims that your jaw joints are "alright" and yet you have face discomfort and frustrations, don't approve that as the final word on "TMJ". These are not the final words, if it means living a life of discomfort as well as hefty medications.
No should maintain dealing with migraine, migraine, neck pain, neck and back pain, jaw discomfort, ear discomfort, TMJ problem and TMD when the underlying reason is a "bad bite". It is not just teeth, but an inadequate jaw, head and neck placement that can be causing these neurological signs and symptoms. It could be hard to believe. But neuromuscular dental care can actually address these problems for the most parts. So if you are tired of the discomfort and hate taking medicines without any end in sight, there is hope.

See this video clip of an actual individual that is a speech pathologist and also a medical person. This is component 2 of 2.
She had actually been treated by a number of specialists who diagnosed her, at different times, with Migraine, Headache, Trigeminal neuralgia, atypical dystonia, SUNCT and Tourette's syndrome. They tried various medications: Tegretol, Prednisone, Neurontin, Lyrica, Topamax as well as various other anti-seizure and also anti-depressant drugs without any improvement. There were steroid shots into the back of the neck as well.

She was informed that considering that nothing they tried functioned, it has to be a psychological concern. She needs to learn to accept it.

With Neuromuscular orthotic and neuromuscular orthodontics she is 90% pain cost-free and totally off ALL medicines. When the optimum bite was detected through innovative Neuromuscular methods, moving the teeth along with bone support and periodontal tissue to this position is called Neuromuscular Practical Orthodontics. This is various from conventional orthodontics where teeth are relocated to provide a good smile. 4 out of 5 clients we deal with for TMD had formerly had traditional orthodontics.

She comments on the AADR TMD plan which is a ludicrous stand by those that can not alleviate these cases, putting roadway blocks in the means of those of us that can … and do each day.

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  1. Prabu Raman

    September 18, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    Topamax is a powerful drug with some significant side effects including
    suicidality. Our goal – which we usually accomplish through Advanced
    Neuromuscular treatment- is to address the contributing CAUSES so that
    patients can get off Topamax and other drugs. Of course, many are perfectly
    OK with just dulling their SYMPTOMS with these and not really concerned
    about long term side effects. We can’t help those folks.

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