Migraine Prodromes

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Migraine Prodromes

A migraine prodrome is a premonition or advance caution that a migraine is beginning. Prodromes can happen anywhere from a couple of minutes prior to the beginning of a headache to days prior. While no one knows the particular reason for migraine prodromes, the dominating theory is that they become part of neurochemical modification in the brain that takes place prior to an attack. Approximately 60% of all migraineurs (individuals who have persistent migraines) experience some type of prodrome.

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Migraine Auras
Migraine auras are a particular kind of visual prodrome where people see things that are not there, like flashes of light or haloes around things. This kind of prodrome is unusual and experienced by less than 25% of all migraineurs.

Psychological Modifications
Lots of migraine sufferers describe mood changes preceding an attack. Some individuals are euphoric, others fall into a profound despondence, and still others experience uncharacteristic irritation or rashness.

Metabolic Modifications Some migraineurs describe their prodrome experience as a huge spike in energy levels throughout the day preceding the headache itself. Others say that they know a migraine is coming due to the fact that they get tired out or listless or discover themselves continuously yawning prior to beginning.

Hunger Modifications
Some migraine sufferers lose their cravings prior to a headache. Some victims discover themselves ravenous the day or night before an attack. Still others have actually discovered that particular food cravings have the tendency to precede their migraine.

Sleep Changes
Sleeping disorders is a regular prodrome sign for lots of migraineurs, as is problem dropping off to sleep. Others experience lassitude and problem waking prior to a migraine.

Migraines are typically difficult to diagnose and treat since no two migraine patients experience the exact same prodromes, if they experience one at all. Lots of migraineurs experience all the prodrome signs at various times prior to a single headache, or various ones prior to various attacks.

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