My High Blood Pressure

My Hypertension

I have probably had hypertension for a very long time. This is the story of how I learnt.
In hindsight, I can recognize lots of symptoms of high blood pressure, however I either overlooked them or thought they were related to other things.
The significant sign I had was headaches. Many days I would either get up with a headache or establish one. Some of them were real “head splitters” … periodically I would have to rest to stop the nausea. I remember often operating in front of my computer system and attempting really hard not to move my visit prevent feeling acute pains.
Because being diagnosed with high blood pressure and starting medication, I have not had one headache (around 9 months now). My headaches were absolutely due to my high blood pressure, however at that time I thought they were due to stress, or bad posture due to sitting at a computer system all the time … or any number of things.
I had actually been informed for years by doctors that my blood pressure was high, but that it was probably due to the “white coat”impact. Ends up it wasn’t. I went to a brand-new doctor, and as she took my blood pressure, she had a really concerned look on her face.
My systolic blood pressure reading was over 200.
She informed me to go to medical facility right away and made me guarantee I would not overlook her warning. At the time I did think she was over-reacting, and I pictured myself being in the healthcare facility emergency waiting room for a couple of hours, waiting for a physician to see me, giving me a couple of tablets to take, and heading home.
The actual story was really different.
I got to emergency situation and was provided the standard “client detail” type to submit. Before I was 1/3 of the way through, a nurse turned up to take my high blood pressure. She likewise got an anxious look on her face, and took me straight to one of the emergency beds. This remains in a healthcare facility system famous for making people wait hours in emergency situation.
I had physicians all over me … injecting things, taking blood, scanning me and god understands what else.
My clearest memory of that day was all of a sudden feeling very light headed.
The physician later on told me that I “liked” a drug (I believe it was hydralazine) he injected into me. I state “liked” due to the fact that only a physician could believe I “liked” it. In about 30 seconds I went from feeling what I then considered regular, to being drenched in sweat, head spinning and throwing up my lunch. The nurses informed me later on that I was as white as a ghost.
I remember asking one of the emergency nurses if she thought I would be able to go house that night. She laughed.
I ended up costs 4 days in extensive care, and 6 days in the general health center before they let me go house.
The quality of the care, the doctors and the nurses were all amazing.
We have a totally free hospital system in Australia which often gets a bad rap, but my experience was very favorable.
They never ever found a cause … I simply have hypertension. I take a reasonable bit of medication, and my high blood pressure is now at typical levels.
My physician informed me to purchase a high blood pressure display and record my readings each day. Because I kept forgetting to take my readings, I wrote a software program to remind me. The software also charts the readings from my house display, and it is clear that my readings have been dropping over the last 6 months.
My readings are now around 110-120 over 70-80. Far better, but more significantly, I feel a lot much better … I had no concept that hypertension might make you feel so unhealthy.
If you likewise have hypertension I wish you well! If you have actually not seen a medical professional about it, I highly recommend it … don’t leave it as late as I did, they can assist you to feel a lot much better!

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