Near Loss Of Life And Limb Averted By Miracle Device..

Near Loss Of Life And Limb Averted By Miracle Device.

I understand this is going to sound unusual to you, but a few days ago I almost eliminated myself in the house, doing something I have done frequently now for the past 20 years.
See, I was trying to find a old image album in my bedroom, and because I was having problem, I got a bit frustrated and chose to clean up.

Well, here is where I made my first error. I opened my closet door, a simple thing indeed, and one I have actually done all frequently in the past. Inside I discovered exactly what I was looking for, as the revered photo album, which weighed a good 3 pounds, came crashing down on my head!

After seeing stars, and choosing myself up off the flooring, realizing I wasn’t dead, and a bit shaken up, I needed to stop briefly to keep in mind what I was doing, and why I discovered myself in this position. That damn picture album hit me in the head, offering me not only a headache, however a chance to think about exactly what had actually simply gone wrong.

Well, I decided to repair this problem, being that I’m so well arranged (um, not truly.) and do something about this fast. After all, I didn’t like the hit I just received, so I put some believed into preparing a service, when it came to me.

An ad I had actually recently seen in my local hardware shop said “Get it Straight, Get it Excellent, with our line of Closet Organizers.” I felt very embarrassed that I needed to get hit in the visit see the worth of this device. After all, simply a couple of minutes earlier, I was resting on the floor with a icepack on head!

Today I’m better for it, as I purchased a number of closet organizers, and put them throughout all the closets in my house. They are easy to set up, can be found in great deals of different colors, and they help keep the clutter to a minimum.

Now I can reach for my pictures with confidence that I not experience another “smashing” picture, with a headache to follow.

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