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Prolotherapy TMJ by a Musculoskeletal Physician肌骼科醫生示範顳下頜關節的保絡治療

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A Musculoskeletal Medical professional in Hong Kong, explains and demonstrates a regular Prolotherapy treatment to the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) as well as its related tendons and also ligaments. Musculoskeletal Physicians of HKIMM have been alleviating patients from all over the world with Prolotherapy and various other thorough bone and joint therapies.

Bone and joint Physicians of HKIMM have actually haded that Prolotherapy is an exceptional choice to conventional surgical procedures for dealing with discomfort of the musculoskeletal systems. Prolotherapy offers an irreversible option for the ORIGIN of bone and joint problems generally not launched with conventional anti-inflammatory treatments, which includes NSAIDs as well as cortisone injections.

A significant bone and joint problem which revealed exceptional improvement with Prolotherapy is the Temporomandibular joint condition which have the following signs:
Biting or chewing difficulty or pain
Clicking, popping, or grating sound when opening or shutting the mouth
Boring, hurting discomfort in the face
Jaw discomfort or inflammation of the jaw
Decreased capacity to open up or shut the mouth
Ringing in the ears
Second restriction and boosted stress of the neck muscles in the exact same side of the lax TMJ (frequently missed).

Unlike normal finger or vertebral joints, each TMJ in fact has 2 joints, which permit it to both revolve and also to equate (slide). With use, it is common to see wear of both the bone and also cartilage material parts of it. Clicking prevails, as are standing out movements as well as inconsistencies in the motions of the joint. It is taken into consideration a TMJ condition when pain is entailed.

In a healthy and balanced joint, the surfaces in contact with each other (bone and also cartilage material) do not have any receptors to transmit the feeling of pain. The discomfort therefore originates from among the surrounding soft cells, particularly the joint pill, and the tendons, which have lots of nerve endings. When receptors from one of these areas are activated, the discomfort causes a response to restrict the jaw's movement.

The SOURCE of a great deal of persistent discomforts, particularly those not reacting to common therapy are typically soft cells injuries which includes primarily tendons, the joint capsule and the cartilage material. These soft tissues are easily harmed from sporting activities injuries, website traffic crashes (especially Whiplash injuries), battles, unintentional fall, and repeated micro-injuries (which are generally called wear and tear/degeneration) from poor postures. Among the effortlessly missed out on reason for TMJ repeated injury is lying persistently on one side throughout rest, e.g. if one persistently lie on his/her ideal side for sleeping, the best TMJ capsule will be under extreme repeated and prolong pressure which tends to sublux the right TMJ to the left and anteriorly. These soft tissues, particularly the joint capsule have good nerve supply, for that reason, injuries in these areas produces a lot of DISCOMFORT from stimulating these nerve closings and also the pain is normally described the temporal head as well as ear, producing the image of "tension-like" headache if both sides of TMJ are entailed or "migraine-like" headache so one TMJ is involved. Nevertheless, after injuries, these soft cells are so DIFFICULT TO RECOVER (a great deal of times maximally as much as only 70% of initial stability as well as strength after each injury) merely due to the fact that they normally have quite poor blood supply. That is why injuries to these regions produce a lot of chronic discomfort after duplicated injuries. An additional commonly missed out on presentation of TMJ disorder is the offsetting rigidity of neck muscle mass or activate points development on the very same side of the disorder and also lax TMJ and restricted neck motion. Prolotherapy lugs a brand-new intend to these injuries as well as chronic pain.

If you wish to see our various other video clips on Prolotherapy, or want to see if Prolotherapy could assist your chronic discomfort, please go to

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