Reflexology for Migraines

Reflexology for Migraines

Say the word migraine and most migraineurs will reflexively cringe in remembered pain, their last headache still vivid in their memory. State the word reflexology to them and you will likely get a blank gaze. A recent (2006) research study in Denmark indicates that migraineurs who get more acquainted with reflexology are less most likely to wince reflexively at the reference of migraines.

What is reflexology?
Reflexology is a massage strategy based upon the idea that every part of the body has a matching point on the sole of the foot. Reflexologists believe that massage and stimulation of these points on the foot can relieve stress, discomfort, and tension in the matching parts of the body.

In the Danish study involved a mix of migraineurs and people experiencing persistent stress headaches. Around 90% of the people who took part in the study admitted to taking proposed medication in the month prior to the research study particularly for their headaches. After the study, 19% of individuals said they were able to stop taking medication for their headaches thanks to the treatment.

The study involved a course of 6 to eight treatments with monthly follow-up treatments afterwards for a duration of six months. At the conclusion of the six months 23% of the research study individuals stated they were totally treated and no longer having headaches. Fifty-five percent of the individuals noted significant enhancement in their condition– headaches were less regular and less extreme. An exceptional 78% of the research study participants saw an improvement in their condition.

At a follow-up check 3 months after the conclusion of the research study 23% of the migraineurs specified they were cured. About 41% said they felt their lifestyle was enhanced.

The treatments were most efficient on younger clients and those who had actually been experiencing migraines for a shorter time period.

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