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Relieve TMJ Pain Easily

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Dr. Katie Lion advises magnesium to relieve clenching and also shows a simple exercise for eliminating your TMJ pain – could even be done while going house from job!
For additional information regarding Dr. Katie Lion and Santa Cruz NonForce Chiropractors check out
Or see more of her video clips on quick simple pointers to lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder discomfort, as well as hip pain – without visiting a doctor!

oNe6868 March 19, 2016 19:36:15

Thank you your method is only one that seem to help immediately…

Matthew Cho March 21, 2016 6:18:07

Wow.. thank you so much for this. This technique literally cured the pain
in 30 seconds.

Marin@Mark April 1, 2016 21:01:02

My lady thank you so much!!! The best exercise in YouTube.

Travis Rust April 23, 2016 12:17:23

I didn’t have pain but extreme tightness. The pressure point technique gave
my jaw almost instant flexibility. Gives me hope. Thanks.

enydnightshade May 4, 2016 14:33:27

thank you dr. i would follow your advice!

Carol Dickinson May 5, 2016 1:47:47

What form of Magnesium is the most absorbable? I know one form gives me a
horrible horrible headache (can’t remember which form it was). I know there
are like 8 forms you can take… but since I am not an expert… I would
really appreciate your input. Thank you! I have a strong feeling the RIGHT
form of Magnesium will take away my headaches… and exercising my jaw.
Thank you so much for this really good information! :)

Yuki Silver May 22, 2016 7:06:21

My tmj hurts so bad I about cried doing that, a warm compress helped unlock
my mouth but this was just too painful and made my pain worse. Is that
supposed to happen?

    Yuki Silver May 22, 2016 7:07:52

    At least it unlocked my jaw

    WaterDrop AJ June 4, 2016 19:04:03

    thats what happened to my cousin

    BlueHen123 July 25, 2016 23:04:21

    how are you now? this was 2 months ago

    Yuki Silver July 26, 2016 0:41:22

    +BlueHen123 I’m still the same, there’s no cure for it but thankfully my
    jaw has hardly locked up that bad since then (like once after this I
    believe it did). Still pops a lot and hurts from time to time but nothing I
    can’t deal with

Lisa Mohan May 31, 2016 21:44:40

Thank you so much!

Lee Barker June 3, 2016 3:10:30

Thank you so much

George Rae June 9, 2016 16:00:56

Thank you! I am stunned how painful those muscles are to massage.

Truther June 10, 2016 0:39:46

My jaw has been locked for over a year. Nothing helps. I have a mouth
guard, but it hasn’t done anything. My left side is super sore and hurts to
eat on that side. It’s constant pain and pressure to my ear. Idk what to do
anymore. I can’t open my mouth more than 2 fingers wide.

Narppz 25 June 19, 2016 5:55:54

This totally worked in my left tmj , it isn’t sore anymore and i’m
comfortable now, thanks so much!!! :D

cindy cooper June 24, 2016 19:57:55

I’ve had tmj for 30 years now. This massage worked in 5 minutes. thank you
so much.

Jessica Ellor June 30, 2016 22:25:33

Thankyou so so much, I’ve been suffering for months and this helped so
much! I’m crying with happiness because of relief

Fredo Viktor July 6, 2016 8:09:37

ive tried many methods out there and i found only two that works for me…
your exercise is one of them! thank you

raezer July 11, 2016 22:41:46

Wow that massage is awesome. I’ve always wondered how to make it feel
better but I never could until now! Thx!

Sandra Dixon July 19, 2016 14:20:36

Thank you! TMJ is new to me but this helped so much! I was to the point of
not wanting to eat dinner with my family when I woke up before work (I work
nights). But this helps immediately to correct my bite and alleviate the

itispale July 25, 2016 17:59:37

Wow! Immediate relief from that massage. Thank you!!

James Scott August 1, 2016 13:44:39

I feel the pain also in my right ear when I push downward. no headaches nor
shoulder or neck. just jaw… grrrr I’ll try this.

Gabriella Allocca August 2, 2016 3:27:45

What’s wrong, this isn’t helping!!
It hurts like crazy on the right side of my face, mainly the upper jaw, but
I’m not sure if it’s actually my jaw that hurts- it’s like the bone that’s
below my gums, it’s actually the bone that hurts, the gums do not hurt at
all. It hurts if I try to put too much pressure on my cheek with my finger,
but I get slight relief when I lay down on my cheek and “push” it down on
the floor… (I’m crying because it hurts so much, it hurt less when my
wisdom tooth was growing in on the same side..!! Ps, the wisdom tooth is
gone now.)

    Nicole Riley August 5, 2016 16:35:01

    Omg ur not the only one !😖😭

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