Smoking and Migraines

Is there a connection in between cigarette smoking and migraines?

The right answer is “maybe” to “most likely”. There is currently no research study data particularly addressing this problem. Research studies of smoking and persistent headaches in basic (not all chronic headaches are migraines) are readily available, however their application to migraines is limited.

A research study of cigarette smoking and patients with persistent cluster headaches yielded some informing results. Cigarette smoking patients who decreased their smoking cigarettes by less than a half of a pack daily decreased their headache frequency by an incredible 50%. This study simply asked clients to reduce n their cigarette smoking, not to remove it. Picture the outcomes that may have been attained if the smokers quit totally!

In another study, 53% of migraine clients who removed smoking in combination with the removal of personally identified food triggers experienced a complete cessation of migraines. By contrast, just 13% of non-smoking patients who removed their food triggers became migraine-free.

Many migraineurs (people who struggle with migraine headaches) are delicate to strong smells, like perfume, food odors, and, yes, tobacco smoke. Others are specifically delicate just to the aroma of tobacco smoke. Still others are allergic to cigarette, stogie, and pipe smoke.

All these people report having cigarette smoking or previously owned smoke set off a migraine. In some cases the smoke is the only trigger, in some cases it becomes part of a combination of triggers. Professionals and victims agree there need to be a link in between smoking and migraines, somewhere, waiting to be revealed.
A lot of the frequently recognized results of smoking are particularly destructive to those susceptible to headaches and head pain. These adverse effects include raised blood pressure, swelling or inflammation of the sinus cavities and nasal passages, and higher danger of stroke. Health officials all settle on something, cigarette smoking is contraindicated for everyone in every situation and migraine sufferers are no exception.

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