The Frugal Gift Box

Gift-giving events accompany practically mind-boggling frequency–
especially when you have children in the house. Friends’ birthday parties,
parents’ birthdays, bby and wedding event showers, Mom’s Day,
Daddy’s Day– the costs can end up being rather a concern. However, a bit
of company and imagination can make these times a bit less
painful economically.
Some people discover it very helpful to keep a calendar located in a
practical location and mark all the year’s special days on it. Then
at the start of any provided month, you can see at a glance
the gifts you are going to need.
The key is to be familiar with exactly what gifts you’ll be needing and to obtain
ready, instead of waiting till the eleventh hour and running out and
buying whatever you can find despite price.
Once you can keep in mind “when” to provide presents, the next issue that
comes up is “what” to give. That’s where the Frugal Present Box can
aid. Designate a spot, whether it’s a shelf in the closet, a box,
or storage bin in the garage, to keep all your gifts together.
Throughout the year, view the inventory-clearance sale, garage and yard
sales, thrift shops, and so on for products ideal for gift-giving. One of
my best purchases in the past was a new, still in the plan,
set of American Lady books purchased a garage sale for pennies.
I waited till our granddaughter got old sufficient and now she has to do with
to get it for her 8th birthday next month.
When my children were young and going to birthday celebrations every
week, it seemed, I kept a watch on clearance sales when I
saw something that was age and gender suitable for among
mine, I figured their pals would like it, too, so into the Present Box
it would go. I tried to keep at least one gift for each kid on hand
at all times.
It’s a good idea to keep a list of the Christmas and birthday gifts
you will need for your instant household. I keep a list in my bag
and it is always with me.
That method when I buy a gift I can add it
right away. It’s also great for advising me of exactly what I already
have on hand.
Last, here’s a present concept sent by a newsletter subscriber, Gina.
It’s a great craft task … make a number of and keep them in your
present box prepared for mommy’s or sister’s birthday!
Basically this is an pillow filled with rice and herbs, you put it in
the microwave for 2 minutes or less for heat and heat, or toss it
in the freezer to ease injuries, or for headaches.
You can use scrap fabric … utilize big scraps for bigger natural cozies
(for the back, legs, etc. ) and smaller sized scrap pieces for a little one
that you can use on the forehead or on the eyes, to sooth eyestrain
and headache.
I sew ‘channels’ in mine, by sewing a line every 2 inches, and
feeling each pocket – so whatever remains in the best location, however
that’s optional. They can be as easy as a ‘pillow’ type.
Fill them with rice and herbs. You only require 1 part herb to 5-10
part rice, depending on how strong you want them.
Herbs you can fill them with:
mint – clears sinuses, good for headache
chamomile – alleviates tension, unwinds
cloves – muscle discomfort
rosemary – relaxes, muscle pain
lavender – ease stress, relaxes, relieves, helpful for headache
ginger – soothing, great for muscle pain
cedar shavings – relieves aching muscles
Herbs are REALLY inexpensive bought in bulk, or you can use
your dried, homegrown, and even cut open teabags.

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