Thermal Biofeedback and Migraines

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Thermal biofeedback is a reliable method utilized by many migraine patients to lower the pain strength and frequency of their headaches. This is specifically real of pediatric migraineurs, particularly those who have gone into the age of puberty.

Pregnant migraine victims can twice as benefit from biofeedback. It enables them to avoid potentially harmful medication during their pregnancy. Second, a 1996 study revealed an 80% decrease in headache frequency and strength among pregnant migraineurs.

Thermal biofeedback, often described as psycho-physiological feedback, is a treatment technique used to advise people in the mindful control of their body temperature level. Patients attain control through a combination of visualization (assisted images), voluntary relaxation, and mechanical feedback.

A 1983 study tested the effects of 3 various medication-free strategies, thermal biofeedback, frontalis EMG biofeedback, and relaxation training, on migraineurs. Patients using each technique experienced enhancement in their migraines, but the thermal feedback patients appeared to experience the greatest success rate and were more able to sustain the impact long term.

Patients are connected to a temperature sensor, normally on the hand, during instruction in thermal biofeedback. This sensing unit permits them to see the effect of their efforts to knowingly control their temperature level and alter their methodology as needed to achieve the desired result.

Training in thermal biofeedback is generally provided by a psychologist or an alternative medicine service provider in an office setting, and then practiced by the person alone. Clients thinking about learning this technique needs to evaluate instructors thoroughly considering that there is currently no licensing requirement for those who offer it.

At-home thermal biofeedback practice is often more successful in kids since they have the tendency to be more creative than adults. To use this treatment successfully, clients need to be extremely determined and thorough in practicing it. Some grownups can only attain thermal control when assisted by an instructor and are not able to practice the method alone.

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