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TMJ Dysfunction Treatment with Botox® – Sneak Preview

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Botulinum Toxin could be made use of as a reliable treatment to Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ/TMD), bruxism, and also frustrations that dental experts can supply. It could lower the episodes and strength of clenching.

This is a preview video clip containing a few of the injection sites for a live person getting TMJ therapy. This video clip ought to not be considered full training on this therapy. Prior to beginning therapy please ensure to do a full medical diagnosis, treatment planning, waiver of authorization, and conversation with your client on the signs as well as contraindications. To make sure appropriate treatment, doctors thinking of aiding patients this way should go through full training prior.

To get training on this subject, we suggest this program:
Trainees from this program will view all 24 injections in the complete therapy with the extra sites consisting of (Procerus, Corrugator, Frontalis, Orbicularis Oris, Occipitalis, Sternocleidomastoid).

The TMJ Series of Botox injections consists of 24 injections in 9 locations. This video covers these initial 3 injection websites:
Masseter (2 injections-1 per side, 10 devices each shot).
Temporalis Anterior Stomach (2 injections-1 each side, 10 devices each shot).
Temporalis Mid Stubborn belly (2 injections-1 each side, 5 systems per injection.

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