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TMJ Exercises & Stretches to Relieve Jaw Pain – Ask Doctor Jo

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TMJ Exercises & Stretches to Alleviate Jaw Discomfort: Physician Jo reveals you some basic stretches in order to help relieve TMJ and also jaw pain. For more physical treatment video clips or to Ask Medical professional Jo an inquiry, go to

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More Information Concerning This Video clip:
The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) could create severe jaw discomfort. The jaw joint and then surrounding facial muscular tissues that regulate chewing and relocating the jaw are commonly involved. Clicking, popping, pain, and then deviations in the motions of the joint prevail symptoms. Stretching the TMJ and then strengthening the muscle mass around the joint are just as vital as any other part of your body.

Initially, take your hand and also slowly advance one side of your jaw. The stress gets on your chin. Push back operating your jaw, however make sure your teeth are aligned. Start delicately, as well as if there is no pain, push a little tougher. Do both sides; this will enhance the stamina and also control of the joint.

Next off, lower on your bottom teeth operating your fingers, as well as raise with your jaw. Attempt to maintain your jaw in one area, and then do not bite down.

Finally, hold your mouth somewhat open and also lined up. Then, operating your hand, push your chin directly in to you. You should really feel a stretch on your TMJ.

Hold these for concerning 5 secs each, and develop your time as much as 30 seconds, doing 3-5 each.

PLEASE NOTE: This video as well as any type of relevant comments are not clinical recommendations. Physician Jo is a qualified Physiotherapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy; nevertheless, she is not YOUR Physical Therapist as well as can not perhaps identify you through the Web. So don't use this information to avoid going to your own health care specialist or to replace the recommendations they have offered you. This information is just intended to show you the appropriate method for physical therapy exercises as well as ought to not be used to self-diagnose or self-treat any clinical problem. If you are not properly identified, this information won't aid, and then it can make things worse. So seriously, check with your health care professional prior to doing these strategies. If you experience any type of discomfort or problem while doing these workouts, quit quickly as well as see your healthcare expert.

AskDoctorJo November 15, 2013 22:24:58

+ninjadoespk They might! Good luck!

AskDoctorJo November 21, 2013 15:50:39

+Kirk Morris I would actually do both sides. Your muscles on the L side
would still be working, but just in a different way. Good luck!

AskDoctorJo December 18, 2013 23:53:17

+Magda G. A. Many times doing a massage at the TMJ helps. Using a warm
compress for 5-10 minutes before you massage and stretch might also help
loosen the muscles up. Good luck!

AskDoctorJo May 31, 2014 10:26:40

Karina – I hope you feel better soon!

    AskDoctorJo August 4, 2015 16:32:41

    +I play with myself because i’m an ugly person Sounds like a typical TMJ

    sam lindberg March 9, 2016 4:42:53

    Dr Jo! I have a slight under bite and my teeth don’t line up well(left to
    right). I’m 21,should I look into braces or something to correct my jaw? Iv
    been irritated by an uncomfortable jaw and clicking /popping ears for
    years. I’m training to try out for a job in the military where I will be
    required to jump from planes and I’m afraid the irregular pressure in my
    ears from my jaw will effect me when I’m at high altitudes in a plane that
    isn’t pressurized.

    AskDoctorJo March 9, 2016 12:50:02

    +sam lindberg I don’t think braces would help, but I would recommend going
    to a TMJ specialist, not just a dentist. They can do some things to help
    re-align your teeth and then make you a mouth guard to keep it there. Good

AskDoctorJo June 10, 2014 0:04:09

@Sophie Spielger Sorry to hear that. Sounds like you need to go see an ENT
(ear, nose, throat) specialist.

    ErikisOfficial June 17, 2016 8:41:53

    I’ve been experiencing something weird. I clench at night with suction if
    that makes sense. I have a bad habit of moving my jaw to one side. usually
    to the right. its harder to move to the left. i think i do this to satisfy
    my anxiety. its starting to affect my speech. It seems like I have to
    concentrate to talk. my jaw feels out of alignment when I talk.

    AskDoctorJo June 17, 2016 12:42:19

    You should really go see a TMJ specialist or even an ENT. They can do a
    full evaluation and help you figure out exactly what is going on. It could
    be an easy fix. Good luck.

Light Yagami August 5, 2015 13:09:00

i am having TMJ problem since one month. it has been locked so i can’t open
my mouth properly and it hurts. i have shown this problem to ENT doctor as
well as to the dentist bt there is no any improvement. so can you please
tell me some solutions.

mariah chavez August 19, 2015 6:59:45

im only 19 and it locks when i wake up if i lay on that side it has been
locked for about 4 hours now and it did this one other time before will
sleeping it off help or what do i do its on my left side only and causes
really bad pain

    spongebobsquarepantss February 24, 2016 0:02:42

    Exactly the same thing with me

Mark christian Oraya September 1, 2015 17:35:46

when do i stop the tmj exercises?

Alice Hayman November 8, 2015 16:40:22

What do u do if u have a dent in your stomach is that anything to worry
about !! Cod I am scared?!

Alice Hayman November 11, 2015 20:41:23

Can u help me I am scared idiot know what it means when u get a dent
On or by your ribs should I panic about this because I really am what does
it mean?!

    Red Ear Records December 10, 2015 7:23:41

    no don’t panic

Alice Hayman November 11, 2015 20:41:54

I mention I don’t know not idiot know sorry

sanaya irani January 2, 2016 22:13:04


misha jesse Collins January 29, 2016 23:51:19

I have stress and hold my stress in my jaw

    Kris March 5, 2016 5:00:23

    Me too. It’s the most painful thing. Have you found any kind of relief??

Allmon B Allmon Brothers May 31, 2016 1:46:32


Allmon B Allmon Brothers May 31, 2016 1:47:27

meant i

Rose L June 10, 2016 3:08:00

docs and dentist have said that it was nothing, or should chew slower.
Yeah, every time I eat food (slightly hard maybe some stake) it locks up
not fun, I’m scared one day it’ll lock up during class. it hurt so bad the
first time I cried. these exercises are really nice so thank you!!! this is
actually the first time i have seen your channel, but keep up the amazing

    AskDoctorJo June 10, 2016 12:11:56

    Thanks! I hope the exercises continue to help. Good luck.

The Pirate 720 June 21, 2016 13:50:34

this video helped me a lot. thank you so much!!!

    AskDoctorJo June 21, 2016 16:14:05

    You’re welcome! I’m glad they helped.

jaro taylor June 29, 2016 23:11:52

the one where you push the jaw back while keeping your teeth aligned worked
pretty good for me.

    AskDoctorJo June 30, 2016 2:20:36

    I’m glad it helped.

3inch armageddon July 12, 2016 14:50:50

You have excellent looking teeth!

    AskDoctorJo July 12, 2016 17:35:18

    Thanks 🙂

Aida Azly July 25, 2016 7:20:29

Doctor, i have this one problem with my jaw. Everytime i tilt my head to
the right, i feel like my jaw is moving too. Then, the moment i straighten
up my head to its normal position, i find out there is like a bulging and
pain on my right side of the jaw. How can i solve this problem? Plus, it’s
also lead to asymmetrical face. I’m feeling so insecure because it makes me
look somehow chubbier on the right side and weird too in the photo.

I hope you have the answer to my problem.

    AskDoctorJo July 25, 2016 11:11:19

    Sorry, without getting to evaluate you, I am not sure what it could be. The
    best thing to do would be to go see your doctor or TMJ specialist. Good

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