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TMJ Jaw Pain Aid with Dr. Brightleaf

Dental practitioner Dr. Ana Brightleaf of Cosmetic as well as Alternative Dentistry describes their procedure for treating tmj, migraines, migraines as well as supplanting the ears.

The physical therapy program utilizes a combination of ultrasound, massage therapy, micro-current and cool laser. The process takes an hour as well as has a home treatment program. See for more information concerning Dr. Brightleaf Aesthetic as well as Holistic Dentistry.

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Hi, I am Physician Ana Brightleaf my technique is aesthetic as well as alternative dental care we do yet on a great deal of work that clients that have
TMJ issues, migraine headaches, headaches, ringing in the ears and one of solutions that we are able to provide our people is a physical therapy program.
This is one of my assistants, Yvette that is learnt this program.
We're going to show some of the therapies we make use of.
We start with the ultrasound and the ultrasound system helps muscular tissues to have more blood circulation and also start the relaxation procedure.
The next point that we do is a 15-minute head and also neck massage to heat up the cells and get the muscle mass to relax we deal with the trigger points which are
locations in the muscles that are extremely strained to get those to loosen up.
The following thing we utilized is an alpha-stim device which is a microcurrent system. The therapist recognizes specifically where these trigger points are.
As well as she deals with the client with the alpha-stim to get them to unwind and really at the cell level there are changes the muscle mass makes.
it begins to restore and also alters its emphasis. The next thing we do is make use of a cool laser on the TM joint in organization with some muscle stretching.
So Yvette's going to demonstrate that to you currently. She places it on the joint. This entire process actually takes an hour. The individual can be found in as soon as a week for a pre-determined variety of weeks depending on their condition and also has a residence treatment program.
Our individuals are finding this to be a large recovery for them in their process of healing their TMJ troubles.
Thank you for enjoying.



  1. Jane Howard

    August 14, 2011 at 8:30 pm

    I want this treatment! I wonder if there are any dentists in New Orleans
    who do anything like this.

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