Using White Noise to Treat Migraine Symptoms

Relieving Headache Pain

Utilizing White Sound to Treat Migraine Symptoms

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Phonophobia, a severe level of sensitivity to noise is among the most undesirable adverse effects of migraine headaches. Medical professionals can’t help with this level of sensitivity, but there is hope. The phonophobia most migraine clients experience is especially sensitive to extremely loud sounds or sudden sounds. White sound can assist.
Exactly what is white sound? If you have actually seen Pollyanna, you know that white light is really composed of light from every color of the spectrum. White sound is a combination of all audible frequencies. The noises are spread out uniformly throughout the frequency band so that nobody single noise or frequency stands apart. When the frequencies are blended they cancel each other out and produce a deadening impact.

This deadening impact has actually helped some migraine victims by masking other, more unpleasant sounds during a headache. One of the very best natural ways to ease migraine discomfort is to sleep through it. Migraine pain makes it hard to drop off to sleep, especially when you add in the image- and phonosensitive elements. A white noise machine or recording can help relieve the level of sensitivity enough time to enable a migraineur to drop off to sleep.

For migraineurs who experience prodrome signs, signs that let them understand a migraine is coming, white sound can help fend off a headache. For many migraine patients, sound is a headache trigger and the noise canceling homes can assist stop a headache by getting rid of the noise trigger from the environment. One short article even suggested that white noise devices be provided to migraineurs at work as a prophylactic step to reduce lost time due to headache.

Some individuals discover relief from migraines by looking at the fixed– visual white noise– on a television screen set in between channels or with the cable television disconnected. Some report that the migraine disappears totally. Those who utilize visual white noise recommend doing so with the noise off.


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